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re: Everything there is to know about PvP


So our basic knowledge of how PvP will function is gonna impact the way we plan things within this guild. So let me get this straight:

1) There will be two megaservers: NA & EU. (We'll be in the EU megaserver)

2) Once you create your character, the game automatically assigns you to one of many campaigns. Elder Scrolls Online allows you to leave your current campaign and join a different one of your choosing, so long as it isn't overpopulated. Every character can change their campaign once for free, however, any other changes after this will cost you Alliance Points or gold. Also, you will not be able to join a campaign if you have a character in another faction assigned to it (This is to prevent spying). Finally, if a player with Emperor status changes his or her home campaign, that player will lose the emperor title.

3) You can start participating in the Alliance War at level 10.

4) Cyrodiil is able to hold 2000 players at a time.

5) The PvP system will balance the amount of players fighting for each faction. DC: 600, EP:600, AD:600=1800 with the rest of the 200 players spread across the factions. (Most likely, there may be more players in the Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion)

6) Up to 200 players will be able to appear on screen at a time.

7) There will be Keeps and surrounding areas like mines, farms and lumber mills to capture and control--including, six temples (Each containing an Elder Scroll to steal).

8) Guilds can only own one territory at a time, whether it be a keep or resource.

9) PvP will include these 4 missions: Bounty MissionsScouting MissionsBattle Missions and Warfront Missions. (Not restricted only to these four missions, there's more to do in Cyrodiil like clearing Dungeons, completing PvE quest, and collections Skyshards)

10) The player within the victor faction, who receives the most Alliance Points, will be crowned Emperor and will unlock a special skill set exclusive to them. When your faction controls the 6 Keeps surrounding  Imperial City, it is possible to challenge Molag Bal and his armies. Also, access will be available through the Imperial Sewers into the Imperial City, where one faction can overtake city districts (up until the next faction swarms in to smoke em' out).

So far these are all the basic facts of PvP without going into too many details. 

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