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re: We are Sanguines Chain (About us In Depth)



Have you not heard of Sanguines Chain? Abandon all hope, ye who enter our ranks. A guild filled with rogue assassins, blasphemous skirmishers, hedonistic pirates, blood thirsty warriors and dethroned kings. Our vision is to promote an environment that encourages freedom at its truest form: by accepting the mentality of those who have succumbed to temptation. Those who relish in the gifts of the world, who have no shame when defiling the Aedra; show no fear when rebelling against the Daedra, and who need no reason to fight and to kill--SEEK US OUT!!

We’ll paint Cyrodiil red with the blood of our enemies while we shape the New World. This guild is made for those who wish to fight, who aspire to win and who live as they please. The entire concept of the guild, known as Sanguines Chain, evolves around Philosophy(freewill), Organization(strength), and Passion(blood).

Sanguines Philosophy:

The Philosophy of the guild has much to do with its name. Sanguine is my favorite Daedra Lord of the seventeen Daedric Princes. Officially, he is not seen as one of the more stronger Daedra Lords. I believe people underestimate his influence on Nirn significantly. I see him as marijuana. Like marijuana can be the gateway to more lethal drugs, he’s the gateway prince that leads to more gruesome Daedra lords. In my eyes--he is one of the strongest Daedric Princes'.

What makes him stand out more than the other Daedric Princes? He symbolizes the true nature of men. “Man is cruel. Man preach peace, but wage war. Man strive for discipline, just to give in to temptations” - Sigmund. What is the point of following the commandments of the Aedra? They do nothing while the Deadra torture us mortals and damn our souls to oblivion. The Deadra have more influence on Nirn over the Aedra, which is why we are at war. The Divine Eight laugh, pity, and abandon us as Molag Bols anchors dive down from coldharbour, and plunge deep into the skin of Tamriel. Why is it when we pray to the divines to protect us from the Daedra, the ones to answer us are not any of the Aedra, but the same Daedra who seek to destroy us?!

The Amulet of Kings, gift of Akatosh himself, is testament to the gods reluctance to do nothing while the Daedra have their way. Nay! Dawns Beauty is the greatest testament to all this. I'll tell you a secret. Something they don't teach you in your temples of Stendarr. The Gods envy us. They envy us because we're mortal, because any moment might be our last.

Everything is beautiful because we are doomed. Once we die, we will never be here again. We lie to ourselves, living falsely by the Aedras command, while Sanguine allows us the chance to be more honest with ourselves. We have free will, and should do what we want. He is the Daedric Prince of debauchery. The darker natures of man such as Lust, Sin, Sloth, Gluttony, and Greed are his Domain! The term sanguine can mean either "cheerfully optimistic" or "bloody"; the double meaning is appropriate for a prince whose realm encompasses both the light and dark sides of passion.

Our Passion

This guild requires it’s members to have Passion. Passion of many forms. Passion for the game itself, the lore, pvp, pve, crafting, but most of all…passion for what the guild stands for. We stand for blood! We are pirates, thieves, skirmishers, warriors, assassins and crafters who believe the purpose of life is to enjoy it. Life means delving in pleasure, fighting a never ending battle, and trying to fill a ravaging hunger for power that will never be sated.

'Sanguine' is Latin for blood. Blood will always be shed, one way or the other, in life. No matter who caused it or what the reason was, when someone kills another, the loved ones of the deceased seek revenge and more blood must be shed. People kill and get killed. Clans, guilds and whole entire factions rise to wage war on each other, creating even more blood shed. This is Sanguines Chain: a never ending blood chain. This is what we believe in--this, is our truth!

This guild seeks the thrill of the hunt! We seek out fights! We stand for free will, but freedom is not free. Freedom comes at a cost and is purchased in blood. If we want to stay free, free to sin as we please and live as we like, then we have to defeat those dominion bastards, whose Elves wish to enslave us. We have to make sure to meet those hardy Nords with even more ferocity in battle! We shall bask in the blood of our enemies for our enjoyment and win for the COVENANT!

We are an Organization:

In order to be the best, we must have strength. Strength means having an organized PvP run. The saying goes “United we stand, Divided we fall.” We may be just a bunch of people doing what we want, but in order to win PvP, we must fall in line and become one mind. We must become a force to be reckoned with--an organization.

We ask that only the strong join this guild. The strong means the people with utmost dedication for ESO. If you love this game, intend to be hardcore in PvP, join this guild. We want all types. Nightblades, Templars, Dragon Knights, and Sorcerers. We also want the bold: members of the fighters and mages guild. We want the shameless of petty crooks: those who will join the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves guild.

We seek those who wreak havoc. Killers, murderers, it matters naught for if you love to fight--JOIN. As long as you like to win--JOIN. As long as you play the game the way you want--JOIN. As long as you're honest--JOIN. As long as you love to party and drink tons of mead--JOIN. Your passion will be your strength, your strength will give you power, your power will bring us victory. 

This is Sanguines Chain. JOIN US!!

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