Sanguine Creed
"Vincula nobis. Passiones confirmavit a sanguine, acquisivit sanguine."--Credo sententia.

"Chains bind us. Passions endorsed by blood, purchased in blood."--The Creed's maxim.

  • Platform: PS4
  • Megaserver: EU
  • Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
  • Primary Focus: Endgame PvP
  • Play-style: Balanced/Mixed
  • Timezone: EST -5
  • Guild Requirement: Passion
  • Technical Requirments: PS4 Headset
  • Age Requirement: 15+


 Activities: We do Cyrodiil Campaign & Trade

The primary focus of the guild is to excell in PvP. The resources of the guild will be focused on end-game content, and we expect every member in the guild to fight hard and revel in their mirth.

Goals: The guild has two main goals

The initial goal of Sanguines Chain is simply to form a guild for those hardcore players who are honest about their passions and pleasures no matter what path they follow. Our last goal, the most important goal...Is to DOMINATE the battlefield in hopes of honoring our guild  with the title DmD: "Daggerfall's Most Deadliest." We shall be recognized as one of the most Infamous guilds in Cyrodiil! 

The Sanguine Code: These are the six rules and two expectations of the guild.

All Initiates who officially join must recite the Pledge and swear the blood oath. - Tradition
2) All members, except Initiates, must represent the guild in some way. - Dedication
All members, assuming they can, must participate in most eventful PvP campaign runs. - Participation
4) All members must honor and respect their fellow Sanguine brothers. (No Drama) - Honor

5) Finish the job as best you can to sabotage, and annihilate your enemies. - Glory
Officers must take full responsibility for any event they create, as well as check in with the Crown once every month to report their group statistics. - Duty

Concerning PvE -
All members are free to do and play as they wish. Members aren’t expected to follow the orders of squad leaders. If a group leader asked you to do something you would rather not do, just say “no” there won’t be any consequences.
(In PvE we are all equals)

Concerning PvP -
All who join this guild must fight as a member of Sanguines Chain and fight as they please UNDER the command of the captains, officers, and follow battle formation tactics.
(In PvP the Enforcers and Captains have absolute authority over the Crown, Warriors, and Initiates)

Since this is a PvP guild, there are actual leaders and ranks.
(Concerning PvP ONLY)

Blood Council: There will be 8 members of the council: the 2 Kings, 4 Officers and 1 Warrior. The Council will meet once every 4 weeks. During each council meeting, until the Sanguine Champion rank is unlocked, one Warrior will be chosen at random to be granted the honor of partaking in the council meet. The council plan and decides the date and time of the PvP runs, PvP squad responsibilities, and finalize social group events.


S-Vanguards      S-Nightwhisper       S-Dragoons       S-Phoenix

System: The ranking system below applies to both PvP and PvE.

This guild will not be a large guild. The maximum amount of members a guild can have in ESO is 500. We intend to be a small guild, with 30 being the average amount of members we'll have. The guild will stop recruiting players once we reach the maximum of 60 members.